Time there half/full day
Time to visit 11am onwards
Getting around walk
Getting there Train: Nth Richmond/Tram: 12, 109

One side of Victoria Street is in Richmond and the other is in Abbotsford, but this street feels like it is in a land of it’s own with a vibrant Vietnam culture that brings some of the best food for the cheapest price in city, dinner for two could be no more than $20.




The Vic Bar will always put you first, even if it’s not happy hour the drinks are cheap. You could easier spend few hours here any night of the week drinking cocktails, beers, wine or sprints, and you can order food from neighbouring restaurants at the bar. The music is always a hit and their is normally some local art on display, even we had an exhibition out the back. | 281 Victoria St, Abbotsford | 03 9421 3922




The Binh Mi here is a little lighter than others but this is a good thing if you are looking for a snack, but if big is what you want we recommend a mix of both bbq and crispy roast pork. It costs a little extra coming in at $7.50 on a good day. But, it’s well worth it because you get that gooey-goodness of the bbq pork and the crunch of the crackling. 




Who knows where Thanh Ha 1 is? All we know is Thanh Ha 2 is da bomb! Owner Ha Nguyen specialising in Banh Xeo a Vietnamese savoury yellow crepe made with a crispy egg base, filled with pork, herbs, other fresh ingredients and then wrapped in lettuce. It doesn’t stop there the menu is long and full of amazing soups, entrees, seafood and duck dishes. If you visit Victoria Street is alway better if you visit Thanh Ha 2. 120 Victoria St, Richmond 




A good pho isn’t hard to find along Victoria Street but I Love Pho is always a winner. With 14 different types of the broth noodle soup you will be sure to get it just how you like it, or you could try some different with beef, chicken, tribe, beef balls, ox tail, chicken giblets, heart & liver and tofu & vegetable on the menu. These guys are open everyday from 9:30am to 10:30pm. So, pho for breakfast, lunch and dinner isn’t out of the question and their Vietnamese ice coffee is also a crowd pleaser. | 264 Victoria St, Richmond | 03 9427 7749




Phuoc Thanh has Banh Mi for dayz and if there was a title of best Banh Mi on Vic St we think this place is in front. Our recommendation is the Crispy Pork with chilli. 206 Victoria St, Richmond




As the name suggests 8 Murray Street is not on Victoria Street, but it’s not far from it and it’s well worth the walk because it’s always a good time on the deck at 8 Murray Street. Their a friendly staff serving cafe grub and super tasty drinks including $10 cocktails. Local DJs spin tunes through the window every Saturday from 12 until 6pm. 8 Murray St, Abbotsford


Skipping girl Vinegar


The Skipping Girl Vinegar sign is also known as Little Audrey. The sign was first erected in 1936 to advertise the Skipping Girl Vinegar brand and it is Australia’s the first animated neon sign. The Skipping Girl has became iconic to locals and it is apart of Melbourne’s visual identity. We recommend getting down there as the sun is setting because the sign does look best at night, would be worth doing a walk around the Yarra River while you are there. 651 Victoria St, Abbotsford