Time there half/full day
Time to visit 10am onwards
Getting around walk or tram: 19
Getting there Train: Jewel /Tram: 19

Sydney Road is Melbourne's longest continuous shopping strip. The gold rush in the 1850s caused the street to flourish as many set up shop to supply miners on their trek north to the gold fields. This development built new hotels that still pour beers today. Now, Sydney road is full of culture, with many places to eat, drink and shop. There is a middle eastern vibe to the street, which means relaxing spot and a great kebab is never far away.


A1 Bakery


This wonder of the north has been cooking up Lebanese goodness since 1992. A1 Bakery is place for the whole community as they keep their price low, so everyone can enjoy their cheesy pies and pizzas, see menu. They do a great Platters for two (see menu) and serve coffee/tea in every which way. So, take your time here, relax and take it in because they are open from 7am until 7pm during the week and until 9pm on the weekend. | 643-645 Sydney Rd, Brunswick | 03 9386 0440


Dejour Jeans


Quality, custom made pants and denim jeans. You select your style, colour, length, waist size and try them on. From there a tailor will help you customise your perfect fit. And, the best bit they only cost $60!



K&H Hot Bread Bakery is opened from 8am until 5pm daily. The Banh Mi here is quality, normally served with a generous amount of toppings. The drinks selection is large and their is a spot out the front sit and smash down your Banh Mi. 397 Sydney Rd, Brunswick




The Savers story started back in 1954 at their first store in San Francisco’s Mission District. Now, Savers is a global brand with 300 locations and 21,000 employees worldwide. Although Savers thrift store mode is common these days. Savers do have a high quality of product, so you can expert to find some sick used clothes, accessories and household goods if you do the time looking that is. A hot tip is to check out jackets and shoes, there is always a winner in those sections. | 330 Sydney Rd, Brunswick