Amount of time half/full day
Best time to visit 10am and onwards
Getting around on foot or tram
How to get there City loop train to Parliament Station

This guide will help to to explore Melbourne’s oldest suburb and locate all the local favourite spots to get a bite to eat. Walk from spot to spot and getting a little something at each of the following cafes, pubs, supermarkets, fast food shops and restaurants. Below you will find more information about the eatery on the map and a timetable to help you pick the right time to visit.


The timetable below is the open times and the lighter shade of yellow is the weekday times.


Mile End Bagels


  Owners Benjamin Vaughan and Michael Fee noticed a gap in Melbourne food scene. For years we didn’t have a good bagel hook up but Mile End Bagels changed all that. Now offering around 15 different toppings for your New York style bagel and coffee every way you could want it, Mile End makes for the perfect way to start your day. Opened 7:30am until 3:30pm everyday. | 14 Johnston St, Fitzroy


Casa Iberica


Casa Iberica translates to the house of Spain and Portugal. Now, this supermarket makes some of the worlds best produce accessible to us in Melbourne. If you like Mexican food you must visit this store. Selling tortilla pushes, maize flour, queso fresco (Mexican cheese), every hot sauce under the sun, sausages, Inca Kola and much more. Be sure to try a bread roll with your selection of cold cuts and other deli items. | 25 Johnston St, Fitzroy




This tradition Fitzroy pub serves up the famous Bogan Burger and the best Kangaroo fillets in the city. Alternatively, you could try smoked kangaroo on a parma or in a salad. If Roo is not your thing they will have something to please you too. The public bar has 15 local beers on tap and wines from region. If your with a group, best to book a table. Call: 03 9419 4240


sir charles

Sir Charlies is named after Sir Charles Augustus Fitzroy, the man Fitzroy is named after which is perfect because it is also one of Melbourne’s best cafes serving classic brunch dishes with an Asian twist. See menu. As always in Melbourne the coffee is on point and the interior design is shape. Once you get a table, you won’t want to leave. | 121 Johnston St, Fitzroy


Marquis of Lorne

This classic Fitzroy pub has been standing for over 150 years and now they serve ice cold beers, wine and food over three levels. Grab a sit in the well lit public bar, dinner room, out the front or on the rooftop. It is the perfect place to relax and catch up with your mates. | 411 George St, Fitzroy


Shop Ramen


Home of Do-Something’s favourite Ramen and we recommend the pork belly! But everything on this menu is great, so sit down on a sharing table and be sure to try a few things out. 329 Smith St, Fitzroy




In-n-out style burgers that will make your mouth water every time you think about them for the rest of time. Sip a local beer on Smith Street while you wait for your mouth-watering cheeseburger.


Trippy Taco


Vegetarian Street Style Mexican food that will leave you full but still wanting more. The tacos are the restaurants speciality but their is nothing bad on this menu and the chip are always a good call. Here is the menu | | 234 Gertrude St, Fitzroy




Lazerpig have it going on! With quality pizzas, drinks and sick DJ’s in a cozy environment, what more could you want. Happy hour is from 4 until 6, Monday to Friday. Where they serve up Margherita for $15 each and $4/$8 pots/ | 9-11 Peel St, Collingwood


Le Bon Ton


Le Bon Ton is open late, opening at midday most days and closing at 1am everyday other than Fridays and Saturdays where they stay open until 6am. Time past differently when at Le Bon Ton and you may find yourself there long after you planed to leave. The drink are bang on the food is better. Specialising in food from American South, think Texas-style smokehouse brisket or Louisiana Gulf Coast blackened fish and crab cakes. If you have never been to Le Bon Ton wait until tonight and go! | 51 Gipps St, Collingwood