This guide will help you to locate the best Banh Mi shops in Melbourne. If you don’t know what Banh Mi is, you are missing out! Here is some background for you, from 1887 until after World War II (1945) South-East Asia (Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia) was apart of the French colonial known as French Indochina. During this period the French brought their baguettes and Pâté. Before long the Vietnamese food culture took the baguette to new heights filling it with fresh salads, pickled vegetables and crispy pork, now the Banh Mi is a global hit and eatery put their own twist on the salad roll to keep people coming back for something cheap and unique. Here some of Melbourne best Banh Mi spots.




Phuoc Thanh has Banh Mi for dayz and sometimes the line is out the door, but they have plenty for everyone. if there was a title of best Banh Mi on Victoria Street (AKA Little Saigon) when we think this place is maybe the winner. Our recommendation is the Crispy Pork with chilli. 206 Victoria St, Richmond




The Binh Mi here is a little lighter than others but this is a good thing if you are looking for a snack, but if big is what you want we recommend a mix of both bbq and crispy roast pork. It costs a little extra coming in at $7.50 on a good day. But, it’s well worth it because you get that gooey-goodness of the bbq pork and the crunch of the crackling. 78 Victoria St, Richmond


K&H Hot Bread Bakery


K&H Hot Bread Bakery is opened from 8am until 5pm daily. The Banh Mi here is quality, normally served with a generous amount of toppings. The drinks selection is large and their is a spot out the front sit and smash down your Banh Mi. 397 Sydney Rd, Brunswick


Trang Bakery & Cafe


Trang’s has formed a cult following in Collingwood for it’s Banh Mi. There are plenty of options on the menu. We recommend the special pork roll or the crispy pork roll. Here you can choose between a white or wholemeal roll, which will be generously filled with ingredients. The Vietnam iced-coffee is also a winner at Trang. 382 Smith St, Collingwood


N.Lee Bakery


Right in amongst it on Smith Street, you will find N. Lee Bakery slinging Banh Mi’s for a fair price. You can expert to line up during lunch hour, but it is well worth the wait. You can sit out the front and eat but most take it and run. N. Lee is opened from 6am to 5pm on Monday to Friday and from 6:30am to 5:30pm on weekend. 220 Smith St, Collingwood


To’s Bakery


Anyone from the west will vouch for To’s Bakery, opening at 6:30am and closing at 7:30pm this place has been keeping Melbournians fed for over a decade. To’s does do a bloody good Pork Banh Mi, but here we recommend something a little different it is called the Combination Buns which is a mix of mushrooms, Chinese sausage and egg. 122 Hopkins St, Footscray